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Our primary role to create value from assets and stocks whilst responsible for any expenditure in these departments, you can rest assure will we will save AND make you money.

We have outperformed in this field for the last five years and demonstrate our commitment by working on sharing the liability that most companies fail to demonstrate their confidence in.

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Fund administration and closeout expense

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Equity release with bespoke strategy program

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Proven track record in recovery

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Commission agents based on ratchet incentives

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Manage disposal during M&A, Turnaround & Restructure Transactions

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We can buy excess, slow moving or distressed stock

Not only will you like what we have to say, we guarantee you will enjoy the speed and the way we make things happen.
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  • Investing in your program
  • Increasing Turnover – Lowering Overhead
  • Managing overstock – Protecting Branding
  • Investing capital and time to restructure both cost and additional sales value, enhancing client’s balance sheet before it’s too late

Keeping it Simple

  • Flexibility
  • Strategy Options
  • Timeline responsive
  • Your success is ours, and ours is yours:
In2corporate is committed to securing the best possible return for you.
Corporate & Business AUCTIONs & PRIVATE TREATY

Over 35 Years of Structured Company Floating and Fixed Asset Disposals – Administration/Liquidation Relocation – Refurbishment – Change Management – Restaurant – Leisure – Warehouse – Manufacturing Site Closure


Experienced and dedicated team since 2006 managing with discretion viable sales from some of the UK’S finest residences covering refurbishment / Interior Design programs. Kitchen – Bathrooms – Cinema Rooms – Dining Rooms – Bedrooms – Incorporating Free Standing & Fitted Furniture – Art – Electronics


Providing a bespoke, made to measure – EASY – QUICK – RESPONSIVE Process in Innovative Rental Solutions for todays change in demands.


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If you’re looking for a 360 virtual walkthrough, of your hotel, restaurant, bar, apartments, etc… We are here to help you create the perfect walkthrough to enhance your customer experience.


Wholesale/Manufacturing Electrical Distributor

BACKGROUND In2Corporate Ltd (In2C Ltd)was instructed by a bank to review and assist with the disposal of dated, slow moving and obsolete stock with a value in excess of £1.5m. The client had been offered £15k but declined The client had 6 months to consolidate the storage and warehouse facilities from 2 warehouses to 1. The stock holding needed to be converted into cash and in doing so obtain an acceptable rate of return. Constraints: The client did not want to release this stock in a bulk sale into the market as this could indicate that the business was in so financial difficulty. In2A Ltd was provided with an extensive list of customers that it must not approach.

Methodology and Resolution:

In2C Ltd developed a multi channel approach to market with a structured approach

  • Uplifted stock from client
  • Internal sales office promotion
  • Local activity – Marquee erected at the redundant warehouse and promoted in the local press
  • Approached potential bulk buyer not on the exclusion list
  • Developed successfully a overseas customer base
  • Promoted aggressively via In2C Ltd online In2Corporate  on-line partner
  • Outcome:
  • Met the deadline to facilitate the consolidation of the warehouse’s
  • Cleared the stock
  • Provided an income in excess of £870k net after costs
  • No political impact on the client

Client delighted with outcome project concluded successfully and recommended In2C Ltd to another client who did engage In2C Ltd.

Overseas manufacturer of Kitchens for major UK Retailer in administration:

BACKGOUND: Following the demise of a leading national Kitchen/Furniture retailer In2C Ltd approached the overseas supplier of kitchens understanding that they would have been left with a significant level of made goods and an equal amount of work in progress. The product was UK specific and would not sell easily in other European countries. Constraints: Client wanted to obtain a financial return that was as close to the cost price they were selling to the retailer

Methodology and Resolution:

In2C Ltd visited clients in Italy to scope the project and to fully understand to issues and opportunities that the client was experiencing.

  • Full stock profile assessment with costing and specification prepared
  • Set up a planned stock movement overland from Italy to UK
  • Selected the appropriate channel to sell through the goods – online auction site and eBay
  • Call off stock in planned and orderly manner to meet the sales demand for the products
  • Provide the client with weekly status reports which reflect the units sold and the income received
  • Payment to client made every 10 days following the close of the auction


  • Stock clearing through above expectations
  • Return meeting and exceeding clients expectations
  • Additional being offered by client to In2C Ltd
  • Recommendation to other Italian suppliers to assist with stock issues

Client is pleased with performance on return and the rate of sale and this project has now expanded into other product sectors and other manufacturers

Provide funding and logistics for asset relocation

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Provide valuations of stock and guaranteed due diligence reporting

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Distribution of Products across multiple Retail sector

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Working with Clients within the UK and Global

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uplift and sell through excess stock for OPTIMUM RETURNS

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Offer an open book accounting process and client reports

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Site closure management team with proven track record


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